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I wanted to host my fic on my own site, so... I did! Slowly moving stuff over - note that I've only moved the main part of my Big Fic (tm) over for now. Not the prologue.

As for a summary of the fics...

What if Minfilia was the Warrior of Light, sent forward after the fall of Dalamud? The world may be different - different Ascian plots may have risen, due to different Ascians being Unsundered, sure. And she might not be the most fitting Warrior of Light. But she will try and bring forth an Eorzea that all can love.

After Minfilia Warde - made to become the Warrior of Light, for the original had vanished - defeated Ultima Weapon, the world continued. But as Ascians conflict with strange warriors from a world before theirs, those caught between have to continue to survive... and continue to fight.

But what are the unsundered - Mitron and Nabriales - planning? And why are there two Elidibus?

I jokingly (?) call it a Sunderedswap AU. But I'd call it more of... Spiderverse movie-style alternate universes coming together, from the viewpoint of somebody unaware her world is different, working to make the world better. Also, Dissidia Warrior of Light messed up. Hardcore. Also the world is more gay (positive).

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